Friday, August 27, 2010

So after the wedding...

So after the wedding I was really itching to get going on some more beading-this time for yours truly.
So I did. Here's what I accomplished.

This is a goldstone necklace I made for me. I liked my daughter's set so much I just had to make one for me. I Paired it with  some ornate sterling beads and endcaps I got from my door prize from Elephant Eye Beads.  It breaks a cardinal rule of beading; when you put the heavier beads in front and the tiny beads in back, the thin line of small beads can cut into your neck from weight & cause discomfort. It doesn't, and it is still one of my favourite necklaces.  Don't you just love that sparkle?

I liked the diagonal drilled square amethysts. I paired them with sterling beads. I broke the cardinal rule again. And a few months later, I re-strung the whole thing but you'll have to wait to see that.:)
Isn't that diamond-shaped clasp something else?

I really liked the ceramic triskele pendant. A triskele is a Celtic symbol; Christians think it represents the Trinity, but in actuality it represents the three incarnations of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone.
I paired it with chrysocolla, with the same green and blue tones. I played with silver findings and was not happy with it. I liked it much better with gold toned beads; simple rounds seemed to do the trick. I spaced the smaller beads by interspersing larger chrysocolla and turquoise beads from Vintage Vogue. I later read that chrysocolla is often found where copper is mined and is often paired with copper; the metal and stone seem to have an affinity. That explains why the silver findings did not fit. I may re-make the lot with copper some day. Who knows?

This triskele in blue and white I paired with Lapis Lazuli in a variety of sizes and shapes, and with silver beads from Elephant Eye. It just pleases me.

I made this bracelet and earrings for Ditto-Czech glass  nautilus bead & tube beads, opalite (a man-made stone) rounds and sterling.  Seed pearls in the clip on earrings.

These oval beads are probably aventurine; the large rounds are quartz, the small beads are aventurine & the findings sterling. It makes me think of leaves.  I never wore it and ended up taking it apart.

And on I go...

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