Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Wedding Jewelry

So I mentioned that I had shopped several times at the bead stores in town. I had picked up some Celtic beads and had my friend Melissa make me some earrings and things, then she taught me how and I made pearl earrings then some bead earrings. The first bead show I went to with Melissa I was more a spectator- just got a few small things. The second I went to with Patti & Gini- I started conservatively but then ended up getting a whole bunch of things.  We took a lunch break and showed each other the stuff we'd picked out.  It was really interesting how differently we approached the hobby; Patti loves crystals and went heavy-handed on bling.  Gini is fire and had some really spectacular gemstones in that spectrum.  I had some moon-oriented findings, glass shells and earth and sky toned stones. I went back and got crystals to accent my projects, and some brighter stones than my usual wont.

So I got a really nice dress for the #1 son's wedding that was a lilac color with  taupe-colored embroidery on the jacket & neckline. I went to another bead show on my own, to pick up some more beads for my own project.  I was so emboldened by the good results from my first show that I kind of went to town & bought a lot. I got amethysts in every shape imaginable. I found purple-hued crystals that had brown tones in the light that matched my dress perfectly.   I got cats' eyes, coral, jasper, agate, goldstone.  I found some interesting clasps to finish off projects. I even won the $25 worth of merchandise door prize! I spent it on silver findings.

This is the necklace set I wore to the wedding. I got a lot of compliments and it continues to be one of my favourite sets. It's amethyst coins, rounds, ovals and crystals with sterling beads & clasp.

I don't know why it won't go vertical but whatever.
I really like amethyst.

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