Monday, August 23, 2010


As my beading skills progress, I wanted a forum in which to show my friends what I have created. Since I am  obsessive about photographing my creations, this should not be a problem.
I've been making earrings for a few years now. My visit to Hawai'i started me off when I picked up a bunch of pearls. Then I started using bead from the two bead shops in town. (Yes, we have TWO bead shops in town-it's kind of a mandatory hobby, I guess.)
My first creations were for my son's wedding. I made jewelry for myself, my daughter and a friend.

This was my first; a gift for my sister. I found the glass shells at a bead show. The beads are jasper and the clasp is gold. 

This is a coral and sterling silver simple necklace I made for my friend to go with her dress of white with black flower print.  I call it Wilma.

She can't wear pierced earrings so I made a few clips for her.
I liked them so much I made a few for myself.:)
Goldstone is a man-made semi-precious gemstone. Originally invented in the alchemic quest for making gold from other natural materials, it was made nearly exclusively by an Italian family, its recipe handed down through the generations. It comes in several colors, usually seen in a warm brown. I favour the dark blue with its silver glints.

My daughter's dress was blue, so I made this for her, accented with sterling spacers and Swarovsky jet black crystals. I also liked the funky sterling clasp- very modern, so I knew she'd like it.
Apparently, I neglected to take a picture of my own set, an amethyst and sterling creation that matched my lilac-colored gown. I guess that will be the topic of my next post.

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