Friday, October 5, 2012

Ongoing, not forgotten

I cannot believe I have let this blog sit for so long without posting. Life has definitely gotten in the way; I've lost a parent, moved, weathered a few parenting crises and had a grandchild. Out of all these life-changing events, I far prefer the grandkid:)
I haven't stopped creating, I have gone full steam ahead and pushed myself out of my own creative box. I took a wire wrap class and now am making some really interesting pieces as my skills have improved. And like any artist, I have sometimes taken apart pieces and remade them with different components that pleased me more. 
In my new digs in my childhood home, I have set up a room dedicated to my jewelry work. I have a great working set-up where everything is in my reach and the cat has a comfy bed near my feet.  I often treat my hard-working and cheerful coworkers with beady treats, and I think things come out much nicer when I make them with a specific person in mind. I call these my JuJuBeads; items designed to give off good juju to peeps who need a karmic boost.
I intend to try and recapture my chronicle. I am also hoping to open an on-line store in the near future.
In the meantime, here's a tempting view of a recent creation.

This is an amethyst set I made February 2012 for a friend's birthday; amethyst is her birthstone. The findings are TerraCast pewter, silver plated and sterling earwires. It's one of my favourite pieces.